2024 Club Championship

2024 Club Championship weekend is August 10th & 11th on a Saturday & Sunday with morning tee times starting at approximately 9:00am. All membership restrictions are lifted for Club Championship. Registration for this event has begun in the proshop. Deadline to register is July 31st, don’t miss out!

The Club Championship is played over 2 days with prizes for champions and top finishers in each category based on size of field. The categories of championship include the following:
-Low Gross Men (Club Champion)
-Low Net Men
-Low Gross Senior Men (Senior Club Champion)
-Low Net Senior Men
-Low Gross Super Senior Men (Senior Club Champion)
-Low Net Super Senior Men
-Low Gross Ladies (Ladies Club Champion)
-Low Net Ladies
-Low Gross Senior Ladies (Ladies Senior Club Champion)
-Low Net Senior Ladies
-Low Gross Junior Boys All ages (Junior Boys Club Champion)
-Low Gross Junior Boys 15-17 ages
-Low Gross Junior Boys 11-14 ages
-Low Gross Junior Girls All ages (Junior Girls Club Champion)
-Low Gross Junior Girls 15-17 ages
-Low Gross Junior Girls 11-14 ages

A minimum of 4 competitors must be registered in order for a category to have a competition. Ladies, Girls & 11-14 Boys categories will play from the Gold tees, Senior (age 55+) & Junior Boys 15-17 categories will be played from the white tees, Super Seniors (age 70+) from the golf tees with the open categories from the blue tees. Golfers eligible, may complete in more than 1 category  playing from the stronger category tees with only 1 entry fee. Prizes awarded for all division winners as well as top finishers following the completion of play on Sunday. Players are encouraged to stay for the presentation.


CLUB CHAMPION – Cole Peters – 71, 72 = 143
NET CHAMPIONS – Glenn Funk – 68, 63 = 131 NET

SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION – Bill Newall – 69, 78 = 147
SENIOR NET CHAMPION – Glenn Funk – 68, 63 = 131 NET

SUPER SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION – Menno Zacharias – 76, 75 = 151
SUPER SENIOR NET CHAMPION – Glenn Funk – 68, 71 = 139 NET

JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPION – Ty Brewster – 86, 84 = 170

Thank you all for your event participation and for your continued club support. We enjoy hosting club events and will look to continue to expand in the years to come. We hope you enjoyed your experience and were able to meet some new golfers along the way. Congratulations to all of our champions and enjoy the golf season!