Aggie League

2019 Tuesday Aggie League

Quarry Oaks Aggie League will run Tuesdays from early May until mid Sept this year. The League is open to both the farming community and city folk. Come out any week with no seasonal commitment. Beverage and food specials will be available.

Schedule: Tuesdays, 5:30PM tee off. Opening night is slated for May 7 (nice and early!).  Stay tuned for the kickoff event we are planning sponsored by Nate Moore of Boehringer Ingelheim …plan to be hungry. 20 weeks of Aggie League this year with the first 4 weeks of pre-season qualifying, 13 weeks of league, 2 weeks of playoffs and end of Season Wind-Up night will be on Tue, Sept. 17th.

Start time: 5:30PM Shotgun Start. For the ag community players who like to play 18 holes this option is available. You would need to book your tee times in advance and be back in time to shotgun with the 5:30PM groupAll ag community players are required to individually check-in at the proshop each week prior to the start of play to be registered on the tee sheet and marked in. Course rotations and starting times are determined by the proshop staff and are not to be altered.

League Weekly Sign-Up: You must register each week by Monday night, the day before  the Tuesday League Game.

Format: Come out as an individual and be placed in a foursome for that week, or organize your own people to play with. No commitment for the season required.  Come as much or as little as suits your schedule. Gross score for every player handed in at end of each round.

  • First 4 weeks of the season will be qualifying rounds, and then players placed into teams.  Every player needs to register a minimum of 2 scores, and then will be placed onto a team for the following week.
  • Your individual scoring average will be calculated and each week your score that week will be measured against your average year to date to come up with a net for that week. The high net score from each team each week will be excluded from the team total! This way no one feels too bad for having a poor day of golf letting their team down! Each team’s net score will be calculated after each round and winning team gets a free round of drinks in the clubhouse afterward, courtesy of the Rempel Bros of ProVista.
  • Teams are just randomly selected players who can help you get a free round of drinks each week. Post-game “networking” encouraged in clubhouse:)

Scorecards: All scorecards must be turned into the pro shop immediately after play.

League Golf Fees:

QO Members with cart packages: No Charge

QO Members without cart package:  $10 cart fee for the 9 Hole or $19.00 if playing 18 holes

Ag community: 9 holes plus shared cart for the league season games:

  • League package – $540.00 (20 weeks)
  • Extra 9 Holes to get 18 holes in $19 up charge cart included will be required for those non QO members wishing to play 9 holes before league play.
  • Buy as many season passes as you wish (corporate). Substitute players for each pass accepted as long as they check in under your pass name. Passes don’t expire, the carry over or can be used in multiple for 18 hole games or one for a 9 hole games, however the intent is to use them for league play.

Non-ag folk: 9 holes plus shared cart for the league season games

  • Non-ag folk – $27.00 taxes inc.


  • Any non-ag folk can have their 9-hole league fee deducted from the ag community players fees that they are replacing if given approval.
  • Extra 9 Holes to get 18 holes in $19 up charge cart included will be required for those non QO members wishing to play 9 holes before league play.

All applicable taxes included.

We include a League Scoring System via Microsoft Excel that will give you access to view golfer’s stats, weekly winners, etc. Your league handicap will be calculated by this document and only scores played in the league will be valid for your league handicap. This document will be emailed to the ag community each week with updates.

League Convener: Mike Pittman 204.797.3639 or 204.326.4653 Ext 3 or

Quarry Oaks Contact: Darren Hayden 204.326.4653 Ext 5 or

For more information, email