Golf Course Policies

Below are the golf course policies all customers will be expected to follow. These policies have been made with the best interest of golf in mind. If you have questions or concerns about any of our facility policies, please contact the Quarry Oaks management team for clarification. Any customer unwilling to abide by our policies will be asked to leave the property immediately.

Tee Times can be booked to a maximum of 7 Days in advance for public. Any special request further in advance of 7 days must go through The Head Professional or Events Manager.

We request that golfers provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice if planning on cancelling your scheduled tee time. We understand if the weather can unexpectedly change the day of and customers no longer would want to play. We do however; appreciate a phone call to inform us of your decision, so we can remove the booking from the tee sheet rather than expecting us to know you won’t be showing up.

We do not make tee time reservations for single golfers until the current day, instead we inform them of when we have available times, and invite them to come to the course and we will pair them up with other groups of less than four players. If the tee sheet is empty, we would allow a single to tee off. Single golfers do not have right of way over any other groups on the course and should not expect other groups to allow them to pass/play through nor are they allowed to skip hopes jumping in front of other groups.

We ensure that groups are playing with no more than 4 players (FIVESOMES ARE NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, Except Tournaments or with Golf Pro approval). Groups are not allowed to join up on the golf course if there total players exceeds 4. Groups of 2 will be paired up with other groups of 2 during peak busy times in order to leave more available tee times. During slower times of day, groups of 2 can play on their own if our tee sheet is clearer with available times.

Only juniors with valid drivers licenses are allowed to rent golf carts. Jr Juniors (age 6-10) are allowed to play golf only with the direct supervision of an adult at all times while keeping to the expected pace of play.

Juniors ages 11 and up who are riding power carts with adults will be charged the same rates as the adult if they are playing golf. Juniors ages 10 or less can ride and play for free as they are likely not hitting all the shots!

Any customer that requires access to a Medical/HDCP golf cart flag must provide Quarry Oaks with a copy of either a doctor’s note or HDCP parking permit. The copy of this is keep on file until expired if applicable, then a new one is required to continue to use this service. Medical/HDCP flags allow golfer to get closer to (but not on) the greens & tee boxes. We request that the golf carts are parked no closer to a green than the edge of the longest cut portion of grass (the rough). For tee boxes please keep carts on the path areas that are marked with rock edges or rope. For tee boxes without areas that are marked with rock edges or rope, the cart can be parked no closer to a teeing area than the edge of the longest cut portion of grass (the rough). On all par 3’s Medical/HDCP flag users are allows off the paths if required but the same rules would apply around the green & tee. These Medical/HDCP flag rules apply only to the single player in the cart that has these permissions and does not include any other cart riders in the group when approaching their next shots.

Appropriate attire is required at all times while on the property (including on course, practice areas & in the Clubhouse). Please observe the following dress code: Shirts and appropriate footwear (no metal spikes) are to be worn at all times. Denim is permitted but not encouraged. No attire other people might consider controversial or offensive, no see-through attire or bathing suits/ beachwear.

Men – Shirts must have sleeves. Collared shirts are not mandatory. Shorts must be hemmed with pockets (No cut offs or torn items).

Women – Sleeveless shirts with or without collar and athletic sportswear is permitted. Refrain from wearing: spaghetti straps, halter tops, strapless top and exposed midriff (when stationary). No shoes with heels that puncture the greens.

At Quarry Oaks the goal is to have 4 hours and 30 minutes be the maximum time for golfers to play a round of golf. This allows for each group an average of 15 minutes per hole and 2 hours 15 minutes per 9 holes. If this pace is not maintained, corrective action will be taken with the group(s) causing the delay.

To remain consistent from hole to hole at Quarry Oaks, we request that all bunker rakes are placed in the bunker after use.

Signs will be posted in the proshop and the starter kiosk indicating that all power carts must be returned no later than 15 minutes after sunset. After that point, you can’t really see the ball in the air anymore. These signs will list the return time for the current day, and adjusted daily based on sunset time. If golfers have not returned carts by the set time, our staff have been asked to retrieve the carts in order to clean, charge and close up for the night.

The “Liquor and Gaming Authority of MB” rules mandate that no outside Alcohol is permitted on the property. Staff are trained to confiscate any alcohol not purchased through the golf course. Staff are reserved the right to inspect all coolers & golf bags upon request.

In the event of lightning at the golf course or in the surrounding area, we will blow the air horn informing the golfers to take immediate shelter and come in off the course. The air horn cannot be heard around the whole course, so the Staff will proceed around informing groups and checking to see if anyone was missed. Golfers can wait it out to see if the weather system passes or can receive a rain check (See Rain Check policy). If play resumes they are to go back out to the hole and position that they finished at.

A green fee pass is valid for 1 golfer playing 18 holes, or it can be split for 2 golfers playing 9 holes.  Golf passes must be used in its entirety per visit.

Power cart rentals from daily fee golfers require signing of the power cart waiver which acknowledges the risks and responsibility of the renter for use of the cart during their play.

If a golfer gets rained out from their current game, needs to leave the course unexpectedly, or on their own decision, they are entitled to receive a rain check for a portion of the green fees and golf cart paid based on the number of holes played. Rain Checks have no expiration. Rain checks are a cash value!!! Not a certain number of holes to be used towards green fees and carts the next time. This is due to the different green fee rates we have, to be fare that the customer only receives the value that was paid for.

*NO RAIN CHECKS will be issued for the Late Twilight tee times as there is no guarantee of the number of holes to be played.

If a Green Fee Golf Pass user is rained out, our policy for receiving a rain check for a pass is the rule of 6:

  • If they play 0-5 holes, we return their 18 hole green fee pass they used to register.
  • If they play 6-12 holes we provide them with a 9 hole rain check pass.
  • If they played 13-17 holes we do not issue any rain check.

Merchandise can be returned or exchanged for the recipe selling price up to 30 day after the date of purchase. The original price tags must be attached and copy of receipt. Sale and Clearance items marked Final Sale are NOT returnable. Any request for a longer return period must be approved by management and noted on the transaction prior to completion of payment.

There are no returns on any Food & Beverage purchases.