Quarry No. 9

Par 5

The final hole on the Quarry course is a par 5 that can be played in different ways. For most the strategic play is to position your tee shot at or just right of the fairway aiming tree. Then play a shot past the 150 markers leaving a safe approach. A more aggressive tee shot line is to play just left of the tree challenging the edge of the water left allowing your tee shot to run out left shortening your distance away. From this spot it is possible to reach in 2. Depending on the tee position and wind direction, big hitters can attempt a drive to cut the left side tree line corner clearing the water leaving them just an iron into the green. Thick tree lines are in play over the water on both the left and right sides. The water right of the green attracts many shots that don’t land on the putting surface. The dual green shared by the Desert 9th hole is narrow but very deep in length. The green is slightly elevated and depending on the pin position you club selection will change. Large mounds protect shots missed left from traveling too far away and the bunker left leaves a changing up and down with the green sloping away, towards the water hazard.

Handicap Rating: 17/18