2023 Central Seniors Interclub Golf League

This league is designed to be a friendly, yet somewhat competitive interclub that brings senior members of different golf courses together. The 2023 league is currently 13 weeks long with approximately 14 teams. This year, the league runs from May 16th to August 7th, with a league wind-up to be schedule (August 24th at Bridges Golf Course) after the conclusion of the regular season for all league participants to attend!

Each course will have three 2-person teams compete each week. Ideally the 3 teams will have both players within a certain HDCP window, to better match up with our opponents. The 3 windows include:

TEAM 1 – 0 to 7
TEAM 2 – 8 to 12
TEAM 3 – 13+

Each golf course may choose how to determine the selection process for their team week to week. At Quarry Oaks we have a roster of approximately 20 golfers that have shown an interest in playing in this league. It is the duty of the Head Golf Professional to ensure that ALL members within their respective categories (and eligibility) receive the same equal opportunity to qualify and compete in any club-related events. Therefore, the team captain, assistant captains and the Head Golf Professional have created the following selection process:

  • Each golfer interested in playing will have the opportunity to submit a maximum of 1 qualifying score for each qualifying week window.
  • To be eligible for qualifying, you must maintain a current Golf Canada HDCP.
  • Any qualifying round must be declared with the Proshop staff prior to tee off with your intention to use that game as your qualifying score for that qualifying week window. All qualifying round scorecards must have “Central Senior Qualifier” written on it and include HDCP Indexes listed on the card prior to tee off. The attested confirmed score must be signed by a fellow central senior league golfer who played with the potential qualifier with the date played and submit the card to Proshop upon completion on the same day.
  • Once a qualifying score is submitted, there is no opportunity to replace it with a better score for that qualifying week window.
  • Qualifying rounds are schedule to be played on any given day during the 1-week window for the upcoming league match. See below for the qualifying windows for each league match. Date of actual league games are subject to change.
  • If you know you are not able to attend the league game date, please do not submit a qualifying score for that week window, thanks!

By submitting a score, you are confirming you availability to play in upcoming scheduled league match. Scores are not the only factor that is taken into consideration when selecting the team and pairings each week. How many matches you have already played that season, your team comradery, league record and course venue for the qualifying week all contribute to this selection process among other factors. The team will be selected by the captain, with assistance by the Head Golf Professional and the assistant captains if required. All team selection made week to week are final and are made with the best intentions and interest of Quarry Oaks and our senior membership. Attempts will be made to include all players throughout the season providing equal opportunity to play. There will be NO appeal process for weekly team selections as the decision of the caption is final.

The score submitted each week has great importance …  
1st: they indicate your interest and availability to play for the upcoming league game. Please don’t submit your score if you are not available to play for the upcoming league game, otherwise it just slows down the process of finalizing selection of the team for that week.
2nd: the scores will certainly have a factor and influence on the team selections each week, it is just not the only factor in play. 
Submitting a score each week by no means “guarantees” a certain number of games for anyone…

If someone is handing in qualifying scores much higher than their handicap each week, they might end up only playing 1 game all year…We want to offer opportunity to play, but also want to try to field competitive teams as well.

After the qualifying week window has closed, the captain will collect the qualifying scorecards and create the team allowing several days of notice for the selected players to confirm and pay the participation fee of $21.25 to the Proshop a minimum of 4 days prior to the league match, otherwise their team spot for that week will be forfeit and a replacement player will be added. This amount of notice will also give the opportunity for replacements to be confirmed, should a qualifier not be available to play on the match date. The fee covers the league round of golf and meal for each golfer week to week.

A Quarry Oaks league roster will be created based on those golfers that would like to be considered for this league and those players will receive updates from the team captain weekly.

This league will make for a great opportunity to network aging meet new people all well playing this great game we love!

For any questions on this league please contact the Head Golf Professional, Darren Hayden at 204-326-4653×5 or by email dhayden@quarryoaks.ca