Royal LePage League


2018 Thursday Royal LePage Men’s League

Schedule: 14 weeks regular season: Thursday evenings starting May 17th ending August 16th. Playoffs are on August 23rd, 30th, Sept 6th with A & B 18 hole finals on Sept 9th.

NEW THIS YEAR: Mid Season Make-up Game (or fun day game) on Sat. July 7th with possible BBQ sponsor after!

Start time: 6:00pm Shotgun Start. For those League players who like to play 18 holes this option is still available. You will book your tee times as you have in the past and either shotgun with the 6:00pm group or the pro shop will fit you in according to your front nine tee times. All Legaue players are required to individually check-in at the proshop each week prior to the start of play to be registered on the tee sheet and marked in. Course rotations and starting times are determined by the proshop staff and is not to be altered.

League Players Playing 18 holes: You must book a tee time if you are planning on playing 9 holes prior to the shotgun start.

Format: Typically the league has between 24 and 36 players (2-man teams).

Two man team’s match play using the Stableford system. The total Net Stableford points scored by a team a hole is the team score. Whichever team has the highest point total on a hole wins that hole. Most holes won win the match.  2 points for a win, 1 for a tie.  Match play rules are in effect.  Season schedule points will determine the rankings for the playoffs. Handicaps will be determined by league play scores only and frozen for playoffs.

Lost Balls: Rule for this friendly league – ball will be played within 2 club lengths from point of entry (into hazard or bush) from agreed upon location of the group, adding 1 stroke penalty for the drop. NEW THIS YEAR: This friendly rule applies for regular season and the playoff rounds!

Stableford Net Scoring:

Bogie:                                 1 Point

Par:                                    2 Point

Birdie:                                3 Point

Eagle:                                 4 Point

Double Eagle:     5 Points

Marking Scores:  In order to make the scoring easier for both the golfer and the proshop, we need to follow these guidelines for marking your scorecard:

  1. Please mark down your gross score only.
  2. Your scorecard will be marked with how many strokes you get per hole; 1 dot for one stroke, 2 dots for 2 strokes, no dots no strokes.
  3. Follow the sample below. Bill & John each get one stroke on their first hole.  Bill scores a 5 – minus his 1 stroke and he has a net 4, or par.  That is 2 points.  John has a 6 – minus his 1 stroke and that is a net 5, or bogey worth 1 point. Their team total is 3 points for the hole and this is written down as per the sample.
  4. The team with the highest point total on each hole wins that hole. Please circle all of the winning holes.
  5. Indicate on your card the winning team or if the match was a draw.
  6. You must complete your nine holes and enter scores for each hole in order to participate in the stroke play team event.

Scorecards: All scorecards must be turned not the pro shop immediately after play. Scorecards must be filled out as per sample

League Golf Fees:

There is a $50 league fee that all league players will pay. This fee has been added in order to provide end of season prizes ($40) and the admin costs ($10) of running the league.

Skins Game $5 per player, payable in cash only in the proshop prior to shotgun start.

Optional Skins Game: $5.00 – $2.50 for Gross and $2.50 for Net Skins

Members with cart packages: No Charge

Members without cart package:  $10 cart fee for the 9 Hole or $19.00 if playing 18 holes

Non Member: 9 holes plus shared cart for the league season games:

– 14 weeks: $350 plus the $50 League Fee.  $400.00 in total.

This includes the 9 holes plus cart for the set amount of league weeks.

Non Member 18 holes: In addition to the prepaid league golf fee a $19.50 up charge will be required for those non members wishing to play 9 holes before league play cart included. Playoffs are $25 per 9 hole game for Non Members, $19.50 up charge if wishing to play 9 holes before cart included. Members without cart package:  $10 cart fee, $19.00 for 18 holes

We will be introducing a new League Scoring System via Microsoft Excel that will give you access to view golfer’s stats, weekly winners, etc. Your league handicap will be calculated by this document and only scores played in the league will be valid for your league handicap. This document will be emailed to league members each week with updates.

Spares: Each team is responsible for finding spares. Any spares will have their 9 hole league fee deducted from the players fees that they are replacing. Spares will be responsible for the $19.50 extra nine up charge if they play 18 holes.

League Convener: Myron Martens 204.326.0666

Quarry Oaks Contact: Darren Hayden 204.326.4653 ext 5