Royal LePage League


Final Results for the 2016 Quarry Oaks Royal Lepage Men’s League

Match Play Championship Final 2016

It all started on May 12 with 18 teams believing that this was the year they would hoist the Royal Lepage Trophy as the 2016 Stableford Match play Champions. For two people this dream came true this past Sunday. After battling it out for 18 holes, the Stableford  Match Play Championship ended up going to extra holes,  where Ron Dyck & Gabe Sorochuk defeated Brian Chornoboy and Bryan Trottier on the first hole to become the 2016 Royal Lepage Match Play Champions. Congratulations to both teams on making the finals. Ron and Gabe are deserving champions attested by the fact they defeated both the 2nd and 3rd seeded teams on the way to the finals.


1st place $125 per player & Trophy 
Ron Dyck & Gabe Sorochuk
2nd Place $75 per player
Brian Chornoboy & Bryan Trottier

Match Play “B” Side Final

This is the question that will be asked for years, “What if the #1 seeds Myron & Al had won their first match? Would there still have been a B side final?” Two people that are very happy that there was a B Side are Rob Friesen & Kevin Burton as they are the inaugural winners of the Royal Lepage Match Play B Side. After losing their first match on the Championship side to the eventual Champions, Ron & Gabe, Rob & Kevin  fought their way to the  B Side Finals and were  3 down to Abe Klassen and Norm Schellenberg with 6 holes to play before mounting an amazing comeback to win 2 up.

1st Place $75 per player & Trophy
Kevin Burton & Rob Friesen
Team Stroke Play Event Winners
Team B – $40 per player

  • Al Perrault
  • Gerry Rempel
  • Steve Ironside
  • Phil Maczuga
  • Ron Dyck
  • Brian Novak
  • Andy Bergmann
  • Dave Moir
  • Josh Loewen

Some of you have been asking about how the Team Stroke Play event worked. There were 36 players in the league so we split all of the players up into four teams of nine players each. Each week every team would play a match against one of the other teams. 10 points for a win, 5 points for a tie and 0 points for a loss. No matter the outcome each player that showed up would receive a “participation” point for their team. The scoring was simple, the 2 lo gross and the 3 lo net scores on each team counted as the team score that week. At the end of the year the team with them most points won the Stroke Play Event side. If you have any suggestions for next year I would love to hear them. It would be great to get the league up to 60 players!

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League Convener: Doug Wiens
Quarry Oaks Contact: Mike Pittman