Club Championship

JULY 15 & 16, 2017


We had a great weekend of weather for our championship event and it produced some friendly competition that resulted in our 2017 champions as follows:

2017 Men’s Club Champion – Jon Schroeder
Men’s 2nd Low Gross – Cole Peters
Men’s 3rd Low Gross – Paul Gauthier & Ryan McLean
2017 Men’s Net Club Champion – Matt Fatouros
Men’s 2nd Low Net – Ryan McLean
2017 Senior Club Champion – Kris Nancoo
Senior 2nd Low Gross – Norm Schellenberg
2017 Senior Low Net Champion – Phylis Pittman
2017 Ladies Club Champion – Kate Gregoire
2017 Ladies Low Net Champion – Phyllis Pittman
Thank you all for your event participation and for your continued club support. We enjoy hosting club events and will look to continue to expand in the years to come. We hope you enjoyed your experience and were able to meet some new golfers along the way. Congratulations to all of our champions and enjoy the rest of the 2017 golf season!



The current Golf Canada Rules of Golf and it’s decisions and where applicable, by the following Local rules, conditions and definitions govern play, subject to changes or amendments by the Rules Committee. Appendix 1 refers to the Appendix of the local rules in the current Golf Canada Rules of Golf. Unless otherwise specified, penalty for a breach of a Local Rule or Condition is two (2) strokes.

The Club Championship will be played over 2 days (Saturday, July 15th & Sunday, July 16th) competing for the overall Low Gross Men, Low Net Men, Low Gross Senior Men, Low Net Senior Men, Low Gross Ladies & Low Net Ladies Champion.

Tees:  All 1st and 2nd round play will be from the blue tee markers for men and gold tee markers for ladies.

Yardage detecting devices: GPS Yardage detecting devices may be used throughout the competition, also laser range finders may be used (non-slope editions only) just as long as it causes no undue delay in pace of play.

Lost Balls: Rule 27-2 Provisional ball must be played from the previous spot for a golfer who believes his/her first ball (the stroke just played) may be lost.

Local Rules: Rule 24-1 applies to all bunkers. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. “Preferred Lies” are in effect for a ball lying on the fairway being played for that hole, may be moved up to 18 inches without penalty using the club head, no closer to the hole.

Ground Under Repair: Oak #2 free relief no closer to the hole from the waste area to the right of the fairway starting at the 150 marker.

Drop Areas: A player has the option of using the designated drop area only on the par 3’s: Desert #8 and Quarry #6 if it is deemed that their ball ended in the water hazard. All other drop zones are void for this Championship and golfers are to proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1.

150 Yardage Markers: The 150 yardage markers are movable obstructions.

Relief: Drainage ditches are free relief. (Examples: Desert #1, Quarry #5)

DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE RULE 3-3: If a competitor is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during play of a hole he may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. A decision will be made by the committee following play.

SLOW PLAY NOTE UNDER RULE 6-7 A player shall be subject to penalty if he is in breach of the Pace of Play Guidelines. Such guidelines are readily available and posted. Pace of Play is monitored during the tournament.


Step 1: Warn group that they are out of position.

Step 2: The Committee will begin timing individuals.

Competitors will be allowed 40 seconds to put the ball in play.

One Bad Time: Warning

Two Bad Times: One penalty stroke

Three Bad Times: Two Penalty strokes

Fourth Bad Time: Disqualification

Additional Items:

Prizes will be awarded after the end of competition. Prize presentation will take place following the completion of play on Sunday, July 16th. Players are encouraged to stay for the presentation.

Handicaps for net divisions were frozen on Thursday, July 13th at 8:00AM. In the event of a tie for any gross division, a playoff will commence by sudden victory starting on the Oak 1st tee.

Rules Committee: Darren Hayden